Dyslexia Diagnosis

Intervention choices

If an individual has dyslexia, they make extremely good progress if provided with the right type of intervention. Our testing can help show if this is needed or if something else would be appropriate.

Future choices

Even if a child is diagnosed early on, they can still use that same document to (sometimes) get accommodations on SAT/ACT tests or assistance in college.

Accommodation Ideas

The report we write up gives very specific ideas for a school to know how to support the student, or for employers to know how to support a dyslexic adult.


It can be so empowering to know exactly WHY you are struggling instead of always wondering. A formal diagnosis helps an individual by giving them answers.


Having a document that you can share with those that need to see it can make all the difference when you need to "prove" that there is a real struggle going on.


Our battery of about 10 tools shows the level at which an individual is performing, which can be compared to after intervention so you have before and after data.