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Will My Child’s School Accept an Outside Testing Report?

The outside testing process is intended to identify dyslexia and see where the needs are for your child and then to determine a plan based on what research shows works for dyslexia. 

How your child’s school decides to implement that is directly tied to what the school knows about dyslexia, their awareness levels, the curriculum they have at the school, who their staff is and if they are trained in Orton Gillingham methods, and if a student is even eligible to be on an IEP based on the school’s assessments.

The testing report definitely helps a student to get proper accommodations on a 504 plan and guides a school to know how to better support a student. But it will not force a school to put a student on an IEP and that often depends on whether or not the diagnostic report comes from a neuropsych or a speech therapist or if it is an educational assessment, like what we provide at our center.

CONTACT US or give us a call at 970-460-6771 if you need help communicating with your child’s school about this.


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