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Let’s Talk About 504 Plans

Why is it called a 504?

504 refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Who is eligible to be on a 504 plan?

You do not need a formal diagnosis for the student to get onto a 504 plan. The law states that a student can be on a 504 plan and receive accommodations if they have a disability or even “assumed” to have a disability…

Why is it important for my child to have a 504 plan?

These accommodations help the student to access the curriculum in a more efficient manner. Even if the student can actually “read,” they still may not be understanding the material in the best way possible, or it may take them a really long time to complete the task, causing unnecessary stress and frustration.

How do I get a 504 plan started?

Send an email, “I would like to start the process to look at getting a 504 plan for my child.” Once it’s in writing, the school by law is required to then start the process and sometimes this can happen very quickly, even in a matter of a few weeks.

How is a 504 plan different from an IEP?

IEP is actual teaching or instruction usually in a separate classroom with a small group of students usually with different curriculum and materials. The 504 plan allows the to stay in their classroom and use the same curriculum and materials but with an extra layer of support.

What are good accommodations for someone with dyslexia?

  1. Extended time for testing (and sometimes even on assignments)

  2. Speech-to-text (when student speaks, technology or a human turns that into print)

*an example is using Google Docs voice typing tools

  1. Text-to-speech (when there is print or text, technology or a human turns that into speech)

*an example is using audiobooks to read their books

Hopefully, they are also getting good intervention (structured literacy/Orton-Gillingham teaching) to boost their reading and writing skills, but in the meantime, a 504 plan can help the student to access the information better, to share their knowledge, and to enjoy school and learning in a new way this year.

We help families with this 504 plan process, so reach out if you need assistance with this.


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