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Why Dyslexic Students Might Not Benefit from an IEP

Originally published by Dyslexia Directions.

I tell families I work with that the #1 most important thing is that a dyslexic student receive a systematic, structured literacy intervention.

If this is able to happen at the child’s school through an IEP, then that is fantastic. You will see very good results in a short period of time if the school staff is well trained and teaching your child with the best methods.

However, because it is so common that school staff are not yet trained in this type of teaching OR the school does not own a curriculum that fits under this model, I often recommend not trying to get your child onto an IEP because you do not want your child to have to get pulled out of class every day to be taught with methods that may possibly confuse them even more.

In that case, make sure that they receive an intervention from a parent or private tutor and decline any literacy services that the school wants to offer. It will slow down your child’s progress to be taught too many different ways of doing things.


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